Housing not handcuffs  An updated report on the criminalization of the homeless.  2016

Sex Trafficking Report A report on Sex trafficking within the Spokane/Inland NW side of Wa. state.

DV_Fact_Sheet-1 A fact sheet on Domestic Violence.

No_Safe_Place_Advocacy_Manual-1 An advocacy manual for our vulnerable populations.

Human_Rights_to_Human_Reality-1 Another advocacy manual that focuses on Human Rights.

Hate-Crimes-2013-FINAL-1 A report on hate crimes.

FederalHumanTraffickingStrategicPlan Anti Human Trafficking documentation

Poverty study A study on poverty

Demographics report. A demographics report of those in poverty.

Banishment in Seattle Article about the criminalization of the Homeless.

The criminalization of our homeless A well written paper on how we treat our most vulnerable.

P.I.T. count site. H.U.D.  Point in time count website.  Just the facts here

Assessment. The 2014 annual assessment report to Congress concerning the homeless.



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Drug testing Welfare CLICK HERE

Drug Testing problems CLICK HER

SNAP not riddled with waste. CLICK HERE

Hunger and Poverty Fact Sheet CLICK HERE

links and Stats that bust myths and stereotypes CLICK HERE

Article on working poor statistics. CLICK HERE

Article on Corporate Welfare. CLICK HERE

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Debunking Welfare memes CLICK HERE

Thanks to Melody youker and Sabrina Votava of Spokane, Wa. both individuals strive to teach others about suicide prevention awareness. These are the resources available to you if needed. Please feel free to share. First Call for Help (Frontier Behavioral Health) 509-838-4428 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (online chatting available) IMAlive (National) 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433) (online chatting available) The Trevor Project (LGBTQ Focus) 1-866-488-7386 (online chatting and texting available, limited hours) Crisis Text Line 741-741 Vets4Warriors 855-838-8255 Now Matters Now-A website developed by those with lived experience (those who have struggled with thoughts of suicide or attempted and how they got through it and are healthy now) with tips and tricks on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), a therapy technique that research shows can help those with depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide: Online/technological resources: – The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Good resources for survivors of loss, best practice registry, resources for gaining a basic understanding of suicide – Question Persuade Refer, has various online trainings to meet almost any population including new Washington State requirements – The Spokane Regional Health District. Although they no longer fund suicide prevention, this brochure that the coalition put together is still on the website. – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, our federal program for mental health and substance abuse. “A Journey Toward Health and Hope” for attempt survivors can be found here. – Suicide Prevention Resource Center, Webinars, newsletter, short videos, an overwhelming amount of information on suicide prevention. – Students Mastering Important Lifeskills Education, a program that promotes resilience and civility. Has an amazing grieving resource. – Youth Suicide Prevention Program, huge amount of information on youth suicide, prevention, bullying, LGBTQ and suicide, some materials – a community resource website Apps A friend Asks (Android, IOS) MY3 (Android, IOS) ASK & Prevent Suicide (Android, IOS) HELP Prevent Suicide (Android, IOS) Stay Alive (Android, IOS) Operation Reach Out (IOS) For a review of these and other helpful suicide prevention Apps visit:,review-2397.html

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The ORION Project is a 501c3 Nonprofit agency designed to advocate proactively for our vulnerable populations with a number of different and exciting programs.

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I have seen great acts of kindness from all manner of souls. It is in our compassion that we learn and teach others to take care of one another. in the end, all we have is each other. In what you donate, rest assured, it will get to those who need it one way or another.

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Help make the world a better place for all. Give your time by helping with simple outreach, formulating policy on the Board of Directors, planning events, teaching others about poverty, researching demographics, advocating for our vulnerable populations--there is plenty to do. We also offer internships for students or those looking to gain valuable work experience.


   Gain valuable experience in helping others while learning what is needed to operate a 501c3. College credit is possible depending on the program you are studying.



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   I have seen great acts of kindness from all manner of souls. It is in our compassion that we learn and teach others to take care of one another. In the end, all we have is each other. Thank you for your donation of time, money, ideas, or even a kind share.

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