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Our podcast “What about me?”

“What about me?” is a program designed to give a voice to the Homeless, and explore what has gone wrong in their lives. It is important to understand that each story is unique, and does not necessarily reflect on the whole population. Also the views discussed are not necessarily the views of The ORION Project. These are posted on Youtube.
“What about me?” Episode 1 HERE

“What about me?” Episode 2 HERE

“What about me?” Episode 3 HERE


Special shows we did with KYRS community radio.

Two, 2 hour shows with guests from around Spokane, Wa. This is posted on Youtube.

Fact and Fiction of Poverty part 1 HERE

Fact and Fiction of Poverty part 2 HERE


KYRS radio and ORION one hour special on emotional abuse.

A special one hour show about Jane (her name has been changed to keep her safe) and how her struggle with a past emotional abusive relationship has changed her life, and the struggles of keeping afloat. Listen to her story     HERE

KYRS radio and ORION one hour special on Sex trafficking, Domestic violence, Emotional abuse, and homelessness.

A great conversation on all topics.  Due to time constraints, not all topics had an in depth analysis.  Listen HERE

The Science Of Poverty, a weekly show that I host, about Poverty, Homelessness, and our vulnerable populations. This episode was about living in poverty, and trying to get a college education.

Listen HERE




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